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Crossroads Business Development and Training, Inc. | Meridian, ID

The Sandler Foundations program is a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System delivered over 8-weeks. Our sales training program takes you on a journey to a different world - a world where selling can be fun. Learning the Sandler system of selling puts you, the sales professional, in control. It is unlike any sales training you have ever seen and it is what has made Sandler Training the world's largest and fastest growing selling system in the world.

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Improve Your B.A.T.ting Average (Behavior, Attitude, Technique)

You will learn that success is achieved as a result of a number of interrelated elements. For example, learning a new prospecting approach (technique) won’t insure more business unless you implement that approach (behavior) with the conviction (attitude) that it will work for you. Learning and understanding the difference between your Identity and your Role performance will help you move out of your comfort zone and up the ladder of success.

Lesson 2: Keeping Prospects Comfortable

You will learn how the OK / Not OK principle applies to the dynamics of human interaction, especially in sales, and why it is the salesperson’s responsibility to keep the prospect OK.

Lesson 3: Make the First 5 Minutes Count

You will be introduced to specific concepts and techniques you can use to help create a more comfortable environment for themselves and the prospect.

Lesson 4: To Qualify or Disqualify

It is your job to uncover a prospect’s pain or personal and emotional reason(s) for buying.In this session you will be introduced to the concept of “uncovering pain”.

Lesson 5: Close the Sale or Close the File

Develop a strategy for asking the questions necessary to uncover the prospect’s decision-making process, and properly set the stage for the presentation, if your prospect is qualified.

Lesson 6: Product Knowledge

This session will make the salesperson aware of when, how and when not to use product knowledge.

Lesson 7: Listening & Questioning

Learn why it is more important to discover why a customer asked a question or made a statement than to be prepared with a response.

Lesson 8: Stealth Selling (Negative Reverse Questioning)

Learn how to ask any question or say anything without offending your prospect. This session will help salespeople become comfortable with negative reverse questioning. A skill that is used by master communicators, reversing will give you power and control in every sales situation.