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It is hard to develop relationships with employees or potential hires and then assess them on their competencies because we already make subjective judgments about their ability.

At Sandler we are looking to save our clients time and money. A bad hire is expensive and depending on your management, it may stick around for a long time. Likewise, a subpar employee may enjoy longevity because we feel responsible for allowing their bad habits to continue--and because we have allowed them, we continue to allow them.

What would change if you spent 5 minutes interviewing a hire to determine if you wanted them to pass to the next step of the interviewing process and that step was an assessment which returned results with a required threshold to engage in the next interview? What would change if you could see an illustration of their weaknesses and then probe questions related to that in your next interview?

And what about existing employees? Would you feel more confident knowing that a third party organization was developing Individualized Learning Plans for your team and following up regularly to ensure that they were working on their weaknesses? Would you feel more confident knowing what they were working on and seeing the results of their progress? Or are you comfortable with the status quo of hope that they are developing and learning by proxy, resting on the hope that they will grow in the organization and not look to grow out of the organization?

When it comes to employees the reality at the end of the day is that we need to change our employees or change our employees. If we don't have a good foundation for development then we will spend more on fishing for the right employee than developing the right employee.

The life-cycle of an employee, from Selection to On-boarding, Development, Succession, and Separation should be a process and a system. If you don't have a system for this cycle then reach out to us via phone or e-mail and we'll have a conversation about what it would look like to take your organization to the next level with regard to employees and what you're leaving on the table by putting up with your current system.

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