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Join Our Leadership to Organizational Excellence Program and create your own Roadmap to Excellence


Benefits of better management skills

Enabling organizations to maximize performance and profitability while growing people, margins and market share to create and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Engage employees & increase productivity
  • Understand and apply processes appropriately
  • Develop and refine leadership skills
  • Inspire and bring out the best in others
  • Set meaningful goals & development plans
  • Find, hire, on-board & retain top performers
  • Know what to track, how to benchmark
  • Hold employees accountable for productivity
  • Increase revenue

Moving from "at-risk" to "excellence"?

The focus of the Organizational Excellence Leader Lab is to support our clients in moving from "at–risk" to "excellence".

The Leadership role is Critical to Success of any Organization.

Members of the Organizational Excellence Leader Lab commit to monthly sessions for at least 12 months. Sessions are based on a peer advisory format and Sandler’s expertise in human learning and development.

All businesses can be classified into four categories:


  • Excellent

These companies are always improving their present situation—and always looking forward. For leaders, and everyone else at these organizations, excellence is a way of life.

  • Well-Managed

These organizations are nevertheless vulnerable, because they have not yet created a management culture in which organizational excellence is second nature, regardless of personnel changes.

  • Average

These businesses are doing well enough to reasonably satisfy the owners and management, but they are vulnerable to regressing back to the at-risk level.

  • At-Risk

These businesses typically revolve around their leader, without this leader the business or department may suffer greatly.


What does Excellence look like in action?

Step One: Planning

What are your personal priorities?
Does your vision for the business support priorities?
What are your top three Key Priorities?

Step Two: Positions

What is the ideal organizational chart?
What should the job description say?
What attitudes and habits do you not want in the organization?

Step Three: People

Which employees will fit in immediately?
Which current employees might fit with some development?
How do you recruit, hire, and retain talented people?

Step Four: Processes

What processes need to be updated?
What processes need to be created from scratch?
How should you document best practices into clear processes ?

Step Five: Performetrics

What kinds of tracking reports and dashboards should you use?
How should you build performance metrics into specific job descriptions?
How should you conduct performance appraisals?

Step Six: Passion

What will make the journey toward excellence a way of life?
How do you sustain the energy and the drive needed to grow the business over time?
How can you share your passion for what you do to motivate others?


Are you ready to take a chance and change the trajectory of your life?


The Life Changing Modules of our Leadership for Organizational Excellence Program

  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
  • Understanding Your People
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Staging Effective Meetings
  • People Management
  • Improving Team Performance
  • Maximizing Personal Improvement
  • Effective Communication
  • Supervising, Coaching, Mentoring, and Training
  • Managing Conflict
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

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