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Crossroads Business Development Inc. | Nampa, ID

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Please join us for a complimentary session to unlock your networking potential. 

Free Sales Seminar!

The purpose of the briefing is to discuss challenges and develop solutions for the obstacles that you face when trying to sell, manage your team, and grow your business.

Networking Free Session

Join us every first Thursday of the month from 8am-10am.

Do you find that you or your team...

  • Spend too much time chasing prospects who don't buy?
  • Do a lot of proposals or quotes for people who seem interested but don't ever pull the trigger?
  • Feeling like a peddler or a vendor instead of a trusted advisor?
  • Is unhappy with inconsistent results?

Learn the Psychology of Sales

Join us to learn how to...

  • Have fun in your career!
  • Avoid "free consulting" with drawings, plans, and proposals.
  • Use a communication system to make continuous progress.
  • Understand and lower the barriers to effective communication.
  • Effectively build trust and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Sandler Training in Action

This 2-hour training event is a great way to catch a glimpse of the Sandler Training program in action, meet current class members, and discuss with the group what issues people are faced with in their company.


Register now!

Put this event on your calendar and come away with insight as to how the psychology behind the sale can put you at a huge advantage.

June 2022

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Event Listings for June 2022

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