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Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery is the mainstay of Sandler® sales training and is our Premier Ongoing Program.

This ongoing professional development program teaches and reinforces advanced sales strategies and tactics that enable sales professionals in a wide variety of industries—both selling tangible products and intangible services—to sell more…and sell more easily.

This isn't a "quick fix" program - your training is ongoing with incremental learning in a highly interactive, comfortable, and professional learning environment

Master the Art of Sales Leadership

In nature, millions of years of evolution determine individual destinies. In sales, nothing is etched in stone. Who and what we become can often be traced back to a single moment of a decision.

Now is such a moment in your career. Will you achieve far more than you previously thought possible? Will you soar above the crowd? Will you empower yourself to achieve goals with confidence and dignity? Are you ready to assume leadership of the selling process?

Joining the Sales Mastery program is the first step. Through our unique and comprehensive approach to sales training, you will master the most powerful sales methodology ever developed - the Sandler Selling System. Tested and refined through decades of front-line sales experience, Sandler Training remains as radically innovative today as when it was first conceived.

Our bold, take-charge approach to the sales process challenges long-held sales beliefs, turning the tables on prospects and placing the power and control of the sales process firmly in the hands of sales professionals, like you. The Sandler Selling System will forever change the way you approach ever aspect of selling, but to do so, it will require real, permanent change on your part.

Dare to Challenge Yourself

That's where the Sales Mastery comes in. We've designed the Mastery Program as the ideal "change environment". Each interactive training session presents you with an exciting combination of workshops, real-world role plays, problem solving clinics and ongoing reinforcement. Our background and experience allow us to provide plenty of individual feedback and coaching, plus you also benefit from the input of other Mastery members.

Acquire The Skills of a Champion

The Sandler Selling System equips you with the skills perfectly suited to today's dynamic and constantly changing sales environment. It's flexible - yet disciplined - approach will put you at ease in the most trying sales situations. Through your Sales Mastery training, you will be able to confidently - and consistently:
• Size up prospects and discern their needs
• Disengage from situations most likely to waste your time
• Structure sales encounters for heightened effectiveness
• Improve your ability to set - and achieve ambitious production goals
• Sharpen your prospecting and lead acquisition skills

The 16 Life Changing Modules of the Sandler Selling System

  • Why Have a System?

    Discover the power of Sandler's comprehensive selling system and overlay it on your current sales approach.

  • Bonding and Building Rapport with Prospects

    Apply specific Sandler technologies to the art of establishing an emotional bond and positive rapport with prospects.

  • Making Up-Front Contracts

    Take control of the sales process by applying this powerful technique to propel the sales effort forward.

  • Questioning Strategies

    Through effective questioning techniques such as "Reversing," learn to vastly improve your information gathering ability and gain greater understanding of your prospects as you help them discover their selling skills needs.

  • Identifying the Reasons for Doing Business (Pain)

    To sell a prospect, you must first know his or her "pain". Learn the high-powered qualifying/questioning process needed to probe for true buyer motivations.

  • Uncovering the Prospect's Budget

    Uncover the budgetary constraints that underlie every sales situation.

  • Identifying the Prospect's Decision Making Process

    Since your goal is a positive sales result, you need to know how your prospect's organization makes it's decisions, as well as how to spot, remove or avoid sales roadblocks.

  • Closing the Sale

    Learn to consistently close, seal and reinforce sales by focusing on the prospect's pain, decision-making process and budget.

  • Creating a Prospecting Plan

    Identify the right mix of prospecting activities and an action plan to ensure a predictable and sustainable sales effort.

  • Overcoming Call Reluctance and Making The Call

    Empower yourself to neutralize gatekeepers and vastly improve your confidence and ability to set sales appointments.

  • Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone

    Examine the self-imposed limits you've placed on your achievement and institute a plan for overcoming them.

  • Improving your BAT-ting Average

    Take a hard look at your reflection in a behavioral mirror and adjust your attitudes, techniques and beliefs for heightened success.

  • Applying TA to the Sales Situation

    Through transactional analysis, discover how and why you react to differing sales situations and gain proactive control.

  • Setting Goals

    Identify your life goals and the sales objectives you must reach to make them possible. Then, create a plan for achieving them along with methods to track your progress and fine-tune your plan.

  • Developing Your Formula for Success

    Learn Sandler's daily strategy for sales success and apply it to your own selling situation.

  • Negative Reverse Selling

    Perhaps the most powerful Sandler Selling System tool, learn why doing the opposite of what the prospect expects will keep you from getting between your prospect and the sale.

Make Those Skills Your Own

The Sales Mastery program is not a one-shot, quick fix seminar designed to fill you with catchy phrases and short lived enthusiasm for a day or two. It's an ongoing development program grounded in proven theories, hard skills, powerful techniques and workable strategies that you can use on every call, with every prospect... for the rest of your life.

To help you make these skills your own, Sandler merges the latest research theories on Adult Learning Methodology, or "how adults learn," with approaches that founder David Sandler used instinctively. These two sources combine to form a unique and cohesive learning model for Sales Mastery. You progress from awareness of selling concepts to deep understanding of them. Then you begin to apply the material to the real world, especially your particular business environment.

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