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Sandler Online

Sandler Online - 24 Hour Reinforcement

Sandler Online provides 24/7 access to Sandler Training audio, video, and written resources organized into specific 
sales and management categories. Through the reach of the Internet, clients can access Sandler's expertise and 
engaging content whenever and wherever needed.

The system is a comprehensive, cloud-based, instructional platform and curriculum management system that delivers 
the Sandler Training® experience, content, and rich media. 

Each subscriber is provided with a personal training dashboard showing subscriber-specific course assignments, status, 
and test scores as well as instructional messages and upcoming events.

Varying subscriber levels provide tools to create and immediately deliver entirely new training courses containing 
audio, video, images, text, and quizzes to your organization.

What Sandler Online will do for you:

  • Online Reinforcement Tool
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Access to Online Trainings
  • Hundreds of hours of Sandler Training
  • Recorded Homework and handouts
  • Create your own trainings

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The Welcome page is a dashboard for all of your learning. It shows you some of the trainings that you have open to you and it allows for some quick searchs for additional content.

an example of a user's transcript within Sandler Online

Each user will have their own transcript that they can populate with whatever courses or materials they would like to be able to access easily. This is where it keeps track of what you have actively on your transcript, that is courses that still need worked on, and it will keep a list of all your completed courses as well.

the different tabs within the Connect center 

The connect tab is where users spend the majority of their time. This is the library of all the trainings within Sandler Online. We have blogs, videos, files, different URL's or links that someone might find useful. There is an entire dictionary of all the different sandler terms and some examples to keep the saw sharpened. 

People use Sandler Online for a variety of different reasons. Some people like the ability to access the Sandler Training from anywhere. Others find it useful to be able to listen to content before a sales call, in order to get back into the 'selling' mode. Others have found it beneficial for communicating with their team and within their class. Some businesses have found it useful for creating their own videos and training materials and using Sandler Online to organize and manage what they are doing. 

This is a powerful tool that will bring you success if you actually go in and use it. 

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