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Crossroads Business Development Inc. | Meridian, ID

Professional Advantage

Everyone sells.  But not everyone is comfortable selling

Do you or your associates have any of these concerns?


Do you or your associates have any of these concerns?

  • Too much unpaid consulting
  • Uncomfortable being in, or being perceived to be in, the selling role
  • Don't know how to ask potential clients for a commitment
  • Hesitant about asking for referrals or ineffective in getting them
  • Frustrated by dealing with the committees or sales cycles that go on too long
  • Uncomfortable when discussing money issues
  • Don't always recognize a business opportunity
  • Often do not charge enough

Sandler's Professional Advantage is specifically designed to address the attitudes and behaviors essential to productive business development. Our training complements the diagnostic, creative, analytical, and consultative personalities and skills of professional service providers. Selling is a respectable and profitable part of your profession, and a necessary function of marketing and growing your business.

What word do many professionals try to avoid?

Sell. You are not alone if you are uncomfortable with this word; uncomfortable with the fact that part of your job requires that you "sell" yourself, your ideas, your company and services to your clients. You perceive traditional selling strategies as exploitative and even manipulative behavior. It goes against your grain to think of yourself in the role of the stereotypical salesperson.

Sell doesn't have to be a bad word, it can just be another word for success. Sell is a word that should be used in the offices of attourneys, accountants, engineers, architects and other professionals and consultants. It's a necessary skill in today's competitive marketplace.

Sandler's Professional Advantage will help you develop a sales awareness, without the stereotypical salesperson image, by showing you how to:

Sell yourself and your ideas
Conduct presentations that will permit the client to say "yes" without pressure from you!
Help your organization develop a larger client base
Learn why people really buy; qualify prospective clients quickly and therefore shorten the selling cycle; and handle "Buyer's Remorse."
Handle the Pressures of Business Development

Learn how the "buyer's system" operates and how to avoid unpaid consulting; how to deal with money issues; and how to get a commitment and stay in control without offending your prospective clients.

Sandler's Professional Advantage will help you with account development strategies, management of existing client relationships and referral development, as well as networking and prospecting activities.

Sandler's Professional Advantage program materials include a participant workbook and a digital library of resources. You can refer to these materials whenever you wish to explore specific topics or review material from a recent training session.