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Crossroads Business Development Inc. | Nampa, ID

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Crossroads Business Development, Inc.

Take Your Business To The Next Level!

At Crossroads Business Development we are the recipients of the David H Sandler award for 2021, the highest mark of achievement that the network passes out. We pride ourselves with our dedicated service to the success of our clients and our top-of-the-line training that keeps our clients engaged and coming back for more.

Jim Stephens 2019

Jim Stephens

Jim is a dynamic conference presenter and national speaker who presents at numerous sales & industry functions. He combines a twenty-five-year background in the entrepreneurial creation of small businesses, sales & company management with twenty years of Sandler Sales & Management Training. Jim’s insight and ability to help uncover roadblocks are key to helping you and your company to grow and change.You can reach Jim at jim.stephens@sandler.com or at 208.429.9275. Connect with Jim on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Joan Stephens 2019

Joan Stephens

Joan is the rock that holds Sandler Training together. She has been with Jim from the beginning and has been instrumental in the company's success!   

Joan Stephens is  Operations Manager at CrossRoads Business Development & Training, a Sandler Systems franchise.  CrossRoads specializes in sales training and consulting. Joan manages finance and marketing and helps in hiring and assessing potential candidates for our clients.   

Joan enjoys helping people, playing piano, reading and spending time with her family. You can reach Joan at joan.stephens@sandler.com or at 208.429.9275. Connect with Joan on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Jason & Denver

Jason Stephens

Jason Stephens worked in the university before he joined the team. He brings an analytical perspective to coaching and has several tracks to help with both team and personal development.


Our clients hire Jason for his systematic approach to help them integrate Sandler into their day-to-day operations. His attention to detail and expertise with our assessment tools helps them create behavior-based plans to incorporate more processes and align their goals with the company goals.

You can reach Jason at Jason.Stephens@sandler.com.

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