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I spent the weekend trying to come up with a seminar on training buyers to manipulate salespeople. Often, these strategies occur and set the salesperson up at the position in the sale that we call wimp junction. The seller has two choices: they can follow the traditional and expected response and hope that the prospect is trustworthy or they can use ultimate courage and challenge the buyer to clarify and defend their position, rather than accept the traditional role of defense.

Here are the Seven Strategies of Manipulation that we could expect to hear about at a seminar on how to take advantage of Salespeople.

Lie to Them...Dodge the Issue

  1. We're very happy with who we're using now and have no reason to change

  2. The project isn't ready -- it's been delayed

  3. My _______ (customer, husband, wife, BOD, SO, etc.) typically makes these decisions

  4. We are in an annual contract and can't get out of it...come back later

  5. We're just too busy...Can you come back later?

  6. We're in the process of changing _________, so we will decide soon.

  7. We need approval from upper management

  8. I'm the only decision maker you need to talk to

  9. My word is strong as oak!

Chisel Them Down on Price

  1. I can get a huge discount from ______

  2. I am giving you careful consideration...(and using your bid to get a better deal from our current provider

  3. RFP with vague specs to get better instructions on how to do it in-house or to keep their current provider honest and on track

Get Unpaid Consulting

  1. Ask a lot of questions for additional information.

  2. Always need more information or something else at the end of a conversation.

  3. Send me your details in an email so I can compare them.

  4. We just need more time and a little more UPC to keep you on the top of the list.

Make Them Prove Themselves

  1. We are dissatisfied with ______, how can you serve us better?

  2. We need to spread the wealth, but this is a really good opportunity to earn more of our business!

  3. I will give you a shot! (AKA this is a nightmare that our regular guy won't touch)

The Tease...Keep Them Dangling and Hopeful

  1. Give them one order every once in awhile.

  2. We're going with someone else for the domestic, but give us a bid for the international...

  3. We are thinking it over and will let you know soon.

  4. We're definitely adding this to next year's budget.

Get Free Stuff...Demos, Help, and Unpaid Consulting

  1. Ask for freebies and branded goodies to show your commitment to their brand.

  2. Play dumb about all topics and get free training to improve your competence.

  3. Keep asking for free help...if they're willing to give it away, why pay for it?

Killer Sound Bites that Work Every Time!

  1. Stop in the next time you're in the area.

  2. Sharpen your pencil!

  3. You're kidding, right?

  4. That much?!?

  5. I didn't ask for solid gold!

  6. It's not the Taj Mahal...

  7. Silence.

  8. Deep sighs.

At Sandler Sales training, we are change agents. And we understand that the difference between good and great companies are the people involved and their ability to execute and move past the simple rejections and challenge prospects to get a fair deal for their company. We grow and develop companies by helping them invest in their people and define their processes and systems so that their system is more sophisticated than the system of the standard and culturally taught buyer.

If you have any questions about who we are and what we do reach out to me at!

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