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Lessons Learned from Learning to ride a bike

As #humans, we #learn the same way whether we are #young or #old.

Yesterday, I helped my #daughter learn how to ride a #bike without #trainingwheels. It is amazing how many #lessons that I #learned from watching her learn to ride a bike.

Here are the #4keytakeaways from this #video:
1. #Avoidyourcrutch
2. #Fasteriseasier
3. #maintainingmomentumiswayeasierthanstarting
4. #Youmustchangetogrow

As you are going through your #life, make sure you are keeping these lessons in #mind, and using them to #propel yourself #forward!

If you want to see how we #help our #clients get out of their own way and #movefaster, I'd like to invite you as a guest to our #webinar where we introduce our #process:

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